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The Geographic Information Science for Environmental Management (GEM) Laboratory seeks to advance methods for detection, measurement, analysis, and prediction of environmental phenomena to inform and enable effective land and resource management. Seeking ultimately to improve societies’ ability to respond to and strategically alter its environment, GEM leverages the spatial sampling and analytical power of GIS and Remote Sensing to improve decision-making.  This necessarily involves development of GIScience theory, methods, and technologies. 

GEM houses a range of computing hardware (servers and workstations), GIS and remote sensing software (e.g., ENVI, Erdas, Idrisi, Menci APS, Agisoft Photoscan, ArcGIS), and field data collection equipment (e.g., unmanned imaging platforms, sensors, RTK GPS, Full range spectrometer) to enable students and faculty to both inform practical, immediate management decisions in the region and advance the state of GIScience for environmental management.